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Brufe TBR Terras de Bouro, Portugal

Leiras do Tempo Cottages

Leiras do Tempo Cottages is a tourism project located in the village of Brufe, Terras de Bouro, on the slopes of the Serra Amarela (altitude 800 metres), bordering the Peneda Gerês National Park.

This has been born out of the evolution and consolidation of the Abocanhado Restaurant project, from an ongoing dream, study and hard work.

The Leiras do Tempo concept is based on past times lived and times that are yet to be lived.

It brings together different areas with different values and complementary functions:

- The accommodation, a hamlet comprising a group of small houses spread over the terraces of the Brufe hillside, providing a Place/Time for relaxation, self-reflection and encountering nature.

- In the “O Pisco” Bar you will find an environment conducive to conversations with friends surrounded by the tranquility of nature.

- “A Benda” is a place where you can discover and purchase regional food and handicraft products.

Leiras do Tempo Cottages

Lugar de Brufe

4840-020 Brufe TBR Terras de Bouro


+351 253352485

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